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5-EQ (20ml)
2-Testc (20ml)
2-Testp (20ml)
1-50mg (100ct) dbol
1-Tren e (20ml)
(OTB through in the Tren for free)
This was an order for my friend that I tagged along on and got just a bottle of EQ and Testc, they are all 20ml bottles at a great price and great quality. Only issue is my friend said the PIP from the prop was pretty much unbearable. Im currently 5 weeks or so into my 400mg testC/600mgEQ and I did about 12 days of 37.5 mg/day of dbol which gave me a great early bump in size, libido and strength. I know I'm only 5 weeks into the EQ but already my vascularity especially around my chest and shoulders is very noticeable, this could also be due to a very disciplined diet. This is only second time using EQ and I feel it has helped me achieve the certain physique I have always been looking for.


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