Para Pharma Paratropin will be running these for the foreseeable
@4iu ED split , 2iu upon waking & 2iu post workout Mon - Fri. adding it to my current cycle .
Primo 500mg weekly.
Test 500mg weekly.
Proviron 50mg ED split.

Ordered from
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thanks for sharing brother keep us posted.

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Will do my man

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good pick! would love to see igf after longer use

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Thanks guys much appreciated, if I can get bloods done will deffo post results, but will deffo keep the community of updated on progress . Heard good things about this GH so fingers crossed

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Looks nice. Would love to try this one out.

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Will keep you updated my man

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Nice GH

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Awesome grab !

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Good stuff right there. Planning bloodwork for these?

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