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Using 2ui a day,i been using enclomiphene every day 37.5mg I have been taking this for few weeks which affects the results like tamoxifen do ,but growth of my nails, hair, maintaining % fat as well as carpel tunnel are present,
Everyone is different, I do bloods from another source not show me high hgh nevels and him has a very good reputation here at eroids and it didn't show me very high levels, nor does it seem to be how my body metabolizes it.
can't use more than 2ui a day for carpel tunnel, that's when I know it's real hgh with this side effect

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i've been using this stuff for over a year now. I used pharma Norditropin for a long time until i lost my connect. So i used this for over a year now, and i love it. I typically do 2 ius in morning before bfast & 2 ius before bed so 4 ius per day and my igf-1 is top of range ~ 290. If i stack ipamorelin with it, my igf goes ~ 325.
Quality wise i love it & no complaints. continuing to use it.

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Did you test IGF levels? I wouldn't expect GH levels to be elevated much from 2iu.

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Dam i forget that when buy the lab online just add "growth hormone" to the order ,yeah i know that but i cant Handling over 2ui a day the carpel túnel kill me im a welder is hard welding with carpel túnel, next time i do that test igf nevels bro

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I have this same GH that I will use. So I have carpal tunnel to look forward to. Damn.

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Ya me too, I get it no matter what does really , but over 3 and it’s unbearable. I thought I would have it forever even when I got off hgh but luckily it went away

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