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+ 5 Para Susta and some Diana


Thank you TEAMROIDS! Starting the transition to the Susta now.

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Bummed to see that Sust is a TestE, Cyp and prop combo às opposed to OG Sust formulation, but am still interested in Para a as a whole

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@CloUSMC I was just as bummed as both of you guys, hell sust is supposed to be sust lol. But "their" version is good to go. Very thin oil which surprised me for 350mg plus

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Good to hear. How's the PIP with Susta350? Eager to give that brand a whirl

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enjoy and thanks for posting it.

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I love that Sust! Teamroids ALWAYS comes through!

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Yeah it is a banger that one - hits hard.

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Whatever oil it is.. it's very thin for 350mg concentration

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Para pharma uses miglyol my brochachos'.

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Haha I appreciate that my man.

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I used that susta before and I have some more vials of it in storage. Pip was a mofo for me but I mix it with cyp and I'm good. Don't know oil but maybe mct oil. Potent stuff

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I’ve used this Sust 350 many times and never had any PIP from it, although I heat everything I inject.