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+ 13 AP Test E, AP Clen, AP Var used with Aromasin.


Not really on all of y’all’s level, but I love the improvement. I’m kinda happy. I could have done better. Now time to Dbol bulk up to stay warm and strong for the fall/winter.

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You used steroids?! lol

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Fuggedaboutit!!!!! NYC in the house!!!!!

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Super interested in diet/training! Keep it up brother looking great!

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Pisan!!!! Nice work brother. Dude that’s a solid fucking build are you kidding me? Fucking own that shit. Your one ripped guiney my guy.

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+1. What type of training do you do?

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Lookin great! Lean, great shape, great taper. Keep killin it!

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Looking good!!! keep grinding bro !!!!!!

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man don't worry about that pose comment Growmore made to you. He's messing with ya.He gave me a hard time with my pose also! Good job. Lol wuz up @GrowMore

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All are on different levels so no worries, so compete with yourself only. Be the best you! But always wanting to improve will eventually improve your physique

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You bet

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You supersede many on here bro don’t put yourself down, you’re in great shape. Looking lean with decent muscle mass. I think the only thing which lets you down is the pose.