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+ 2 OsGear Promo


Promo arrived in a timely manner. I’m just now making it back home. A freebie was thrown in as always. I look forward to those always. Always a pleasure to be apart of these promos.

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OS Gear is solid! They threw me 50x 25mg Winny on top of all the gear that was already free from promo. My favorite overseas source for sure.

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OSgear is probably the only company to ALWAYS give you a free gift. It's always fun to see what they throw in. My girl always likes to open the package to see if its Cialis. If it is she goes nuts. Opens it up IMMEDIATELY makes me take a pill and tells me to come upstairs in 30 mins for playtime. OSgear is the BEST!

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Thank you for the TD pic and enjoy the products!