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+ 15 My Lifting Journey


Started off in 2013 and had absolutely no knowledge about anything. I didn't eat enough at first and only did pull-ups every single day. 2018 was really when I hopped on the sauce, but nothing major. Started off with winstrol only and was very pleased with the results and then started moving on to the other things. Been here for years, but finally made an account last year and this is my first time posting my pictures.

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Good gosh! That’s some great improvements! Wow+

What is your beginning and most recent height / weight .

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wow, that's a great progress buddy. Skyrocketed to the new heights in these last pictures. Keep up the good work!

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Awesome bud

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Wow! Amazing progress bro!

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SHit mate you look amazing in the last 2 pictures!! NO HOMO Lmao

What happened during that time - Did you suddenly start eating whole cows for dinner??!

I'll be honest and say its when I see shots like this it makes me want to f*** powerlifting off and get into Bodybuilding more Lol What are your typical cycles?

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This looks exactly like my progress except in reverse with the first picture having more bf lol. Good job man.

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Awesome progress

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What a transformation. All good sources too boss. Respect!

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Wow ..
That is quite the transformation man's picture

Bro you beast !

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Great job brother. Doesn’t training make almost every part of your life better? Overall happiness and all?

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Successful journey Good

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