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+ 3 OSGear lands!


I joined OSGear recent promo for the Nakon Medical brand. Super stoked to try this new brand out. I'm guessing it's Ultima or a sister company to Ultima because they have basically the same look and they carry the exact same products down to the very name. I'm happy about that and look forward to this run because Ultima is hands down at the top of their game and one of the best out there.
I'll be running 3ml per week of this Anomass along with Superdrol the first 4 weeks and Anavar the last 6 weeks with Winstrol stacked during 4 of those 6 weeks.
Thanks so much OSGear!

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Everyone else (myself included) takes pictures from our dark, poorly lit man caves. You’re the first person I’ve ever seen take an outdoor touchdown picture. Love how the sun shines thru the gear, along with the shiny Nakon colors. Well done!

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The anomass is an interesting blend. I have some of the Ultima anomass but haven't ran it yet.

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Congratulations on the Pro Tag Makwa :-)

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Enjoy the product!