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+ 4 The Taj Maha tower!!


A big thanks to PCT Shop on this! Killer promo I couldn't pass up. I've been eyeing Maha for a while now, but never pulled the trigger due to being happy with my current brand. However, when I saw this chance to get 10 x Maha Test E, I jumped on it. I plan on using it to cruise with so I can assess the quality. I will most likely pull bloods even if I feel great because I'm in the mindset of needing to know the fine details of exactly where my numbers are.
Thank you so much PCT Shop! I'll update with a review after 4 weeks or so.

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appreciate the picture brother!’ You gonna love it, enjoy !

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Thanks so much man!

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Awesome brotha,
Looks like maha is going to have an abundance of some great labs all at once it will be interesting to see; the pyramid is risky.. please don’t let this vials fall and crash land ..

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Haha yeah your right....I tore down the tower immediately after the pic!