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+ 2 myroidshop1 Promo Products.


I was searching around specifically for Cabergoline to restock my supplies. I came across myroidshop1 and they had Cabaser listed for a great price so I was going to buy it though I had a question about something else so i sent a friend request, while im waiting for them to accept they opened a promo so I really lucked out. I ordered 1 bottle of Pfizer Cabaser 20 x 2mg tabs and 2 packs of the Bayer Proviron 20 x 25mg tabs.

I placed the order Nov 15th and just received it today Dec 8th. Unfortunately the products did not include the original packaging which I would of liked. I cannot see any manufactured dates. I was sent the 1mg Cabser tabs instead of the 2mg, instead of 20 tabs i received 40 tabs which comes out to the same amount and i actually prefer the 1mg to break into 0.5mg pieces, I was going to attempt to break the 2mg tabs into 4 pieces for a 0.5mg dose.

So I lucked out by getting the Cabaser in a promo, also got some Proviron which I love taking, and I lucked out getting the 1mg tabs which are easier to break into 0.5mg pieces.

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The company on the pamphlet says Bayer Turk Kimya Ltd Sti, in Istanbul Turkey when I look it up. The blister packs match with photos when I search Turkish Proviron,.

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The 1mg tabs are much easier to dose. I wouldn't want to try and split those tiny tabs into quarters.