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Bought a bunch of pharmaqo products from osgear as part of a promo. waited over a month for them to arrive. all fake, test the codes yourselves.
Thank fuck I ordered my hcg from somewhere else otherwise id be fkd rn.
I have ordered and got legit products (or at least seemed legit and worked) before from osgear. this is first time getting completely fake stuff doesnt even pass the website verif. I guess they can scam 1% of people and their voices get drowned out by the rest of the 99% meatheads who are d riding the top sponsors.
I hope my pcs fkn up and they r real cos i cant wait another month for some shit.
Edit: IF you wanna argue the anavar is a 5 not a 6 sure. How you gonna defend THE REST THO. CODES COME UP AS COMPLETELY FAKE (not used)

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He’s a first-time user….

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Can I have them? I will take one for the team mate and try them out for ya

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Ive ordered from pharmaqo and had one return an invalid code, still worked great

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So you're saying The #1 ranked source on eroids who's built it's reputation to achieve the #1 spot over a course of several several years...a multimillion dollar organization is selling 1% fake products and 99% real products... That way they can make an extra 50 bucks here and there to risk their reputation and be eliminated from the most lucrative spot on eroids...

You're a special kind of stupid

I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of gear from these guys in bulk orders and have had it lab tested. I guess I got lucky.

Here I'll go ahead and respond to this comment for you and even type as you type... you're going to say something like this...

"UR just a dck rideR! YOu don't know wHt the fck UR talking about! Keyboard warrior!!! ReaLlY THO... keep UR opinion to UR fckn SelF!!!

And let it be known I responded for you so that I don't have to read the retarded word diarrhea you were going to shit all over the comment box

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The package has been tampered with. Press1 is correct. the code is PQ24-805907 and it returns the following:

Thanks for providing your authentication code for approval. Unfortunately the code you have entered has previously been authenticated. If you have NOT entered this code before please contact us with details of purchase as well as pictures of the product you have. This code is verified 13 times, Last time verified at 31st Jan 2023, 03:52 PM

@jackindabox Most probably the DB has not been updated, also educate yourself on the terms FAKE, BUNK, and COUNTERFIT.
At best, you've shown that the smaller packages could, if verified with the lab as they instruct you to, be counterfeit. But WE DON"T KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT DONE YOUR DUE DILIGENCE

We are sorry but the code you have entered is not of an authentic Pharmaqo Labs product. Please email the Pharmaqo store on the Contact us page with information of your purchase details. We take counterfeiting very seriously and will ensure we do our upmost best to eradicate the issue of counterfeit products.

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I want to make things clear for everyone. We ship real, genuine gear directly from the manufacturers. If a code come up as invalid (fake etc.), it's an error in the labs database. By reporting it, will be fixed most likely and you can send a picture and place you've bought the products from and the lab will confirm the authenticity. This is valid in all similar cases with all labs, not only with Pharmaqo.

@jackindabox, we strongly recommend to contact Pharmaqo first and you'll get the answer instead of replying to each member here that the gear turns out to be fake... I assure you that is 100% genuine and the lab will confirm that.

Thank you!

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I had a similar problem with another supplier. It's just a glitch.

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You need to pm the rep for pharmaqo on this site or contact them through their site. They don’t always update everything on their site in a timely manner. I am 99.9% sure this is what happened. If you don’t trust O this much why not just order directly from pharmaqo?

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After watching this whole thread for a while, I think I understand what’s going on. The manufacturers code tool will most likely only show a code as authentic once, and probably lets you know it’s already been authenticated on the second attempt. I would imagine that should be enough to prove to the original buyer, and possibly a third party buyer that the product is authentic. After that, it would be foolish for it to say it’s authentic, otherwise, any counterfeiter could use the same code on every box and it would always come up authentic. Make sense!

My guess is the gear is real a this guy is full of shit

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I agree with you.

The first time I purchased from what I believe to be a reputable retailer and a reputable laboratory (expensive asf in hindsight, but another story...). I was so excited, didn't know what I was doing. Typed in the code, pressed enter, then realized I could scan it, so did that.... Well, code was already used. Everything else, though, scanned as a virgin code. I then chalked it up to my dumbass not paying attention, and not knowing the website fully or that system.

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OS has real pharmaqo

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I don't understand why you would buy peptides from a roid supplier anyway ...there's ton of legit peptide labs for this shit no custom no problems ..lol

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try the other ones anavar ppl arguing its 5 sure. but the rest are clear as day and fully fake.

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theyre from 2021 bs 'they havent updated their databases". how would asking the owner be any different from testing the code if it 'isnt in their database'.
Also even if it is fake they not gonna admit it. OSgear is one of their biggest partners. most ppl get real orders so a couple fakes here and there is allgood cos all the meathead defenders will come and make up every excuse before just admitting its fake. like we see here.

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Don’t waste them, you jabroni! Even if the codes have been used… WHO CARES?! Just use the meds. 100% they’ll work. I used those exact same fuckin’ meds @ 1/2 pill, twice a day. They worked just fine for the 3-4 weeks I was on!

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Codes rnt used. just straight up fake

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The only way you can call them Fake is if you have had them Lab tested - Have you had them tested?

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You know what assume spells right? ASS out of U and ME!

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I can tell just by looking at that packet of orals that its real pharmaqo. If you are going to accuse a source of sending you fake product, then pharmaqo is probably the worst lab to use given the amount of counterfeit measures it has in place

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I knew this would happen aswell. meatheads here D ride their favs so hard even though the proof is right in front of them.
ppl wanna argue the anavar sure. how u gonna defend the rest though they printed clear as day and come up completely fake.
can scam 1% of people and the other 99% just gonna drown em out.

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Okay fair enough I have just tried - The Tablets at the bottom are real and if you zoom in the number is a 5 and not a 6. The top of the character is straight like a 5 but the bottom is round like a 6 but must meant to be a 5. The packaging is definitely real I would say. The Peptides you are correct do not authenticate. Can you just upload a picture of the front of the box so I can see what it looks like? I ask as I ran their BPC 157 a few months ago so can kinda remember how it was and that authenticated on the site but admittedly was from a UK source.

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The only person Dick riding is your mental capacity to comprehend the results. Put the code in again, read the message back a few times slowly till you understand.

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fkn idiot mate. completely fake. not used. try the other ones not just the anavar ya fkn gronk

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Hello Sir,

We don't sell fake gear and you should know that already because you are a loyal customer.

You received the products directly from the lab, it's simply not possible to be fake. Please e-mail Pharmaqo directly, on their official site, send them the pic and the place you bought the products from and they will confirm the authenticity.

Thank you!

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All the codes come up as fake on the product verif on their website. how can u just say "oh nah its not fake". even if you wanna say the anavar one is a 5 not a 6, the rest are clear as day come up completely fake.

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Sir, please contact Pharmaqo and they will confirm the authenticity because the products were shipped by them, directly.

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I am sure I have seen in the past where someone has checked the codes and the pharmaqo website or database had not yet been updated so returned them as fake.

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Yea and some are more heavily counterfeited than others. Hence why some UGL companies will have a unique "anti-piracy-code" on their vials that you can personally plug in their website and it will tell you how many times that specific code has been typed in. (SP labs, Odin, pharmaqo etc)

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ppl wanna argue the anavar sure. how u gonna defend the rest though they printed clear as day and come up completely fake.

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u literally said i read it wrong and now ur agreeing that the codes r fake wtf is wrong with u bro. u just love to hate ay.

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I'd get in touch with the source and see what they can do for you. There is only one supplier of that brand so if he didn't buy from him then...
But don't wanna throw stones, so see what's what and you might get lucky...or not.

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Checking your code PQ24-805907 returns

Unfortunately the code you have entered has previously been authenticated.

Which means the code has been previously checked, it does not say it's a fake/unknown code.
Fake codes have a different message.

You need to learn to read.

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Mate try the other ones. all come up as FAKE. not used before
anavar one looks like a 6 but if u wanna say 5 then sure. how u gonna defend the rest though?

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mate firstly thats a 6. and even if u wanna say its a misprint try the other codes.

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Bro, someone definitely changed that 5 into a 6. Otherwise, the top of the 6 would be rounded like the 8, not flat like a 5.

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The plot thickens eh bud.

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Every time you post it's comical. You first posted about OS and claim your free promo vials of test were "rancid".....you then proceed to inject it anyways, subq...then came and complained about the welts ...and then came back months later with bloods verifying it is indeed quality product, but you swore up and down its "rancid" as a result of your "research"...being a scientist with a degree in science and all....NOW this....lmfao. Like I said before...AAS isn't for you....