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+ 5 Ongoing HGH Issue with Bloods/Evidence



2/08 I purchased 7 x 260 iu white top kits

2/20 Kits arrive and start 3 iu per day first thing in the morning around 6 am every day

3/01 Get bloods done, fasted, 3 hours post injection- IGF-1: 102, GH: 3.9

3/10 I reach out to customer support and they stated to inject 5 iu's every day for at least two weeks, which I end up doing for almost two months

4/30 Blood test taken, fasted, 3 hours post injection - IGF-1: 138 GH: 3.1

5/04 I reach back out to customer support and they said they will send a new batch to try and if I like it they will send more of new batch. If I didn't like it, they would reimburse me for testing and kits.

5/19 I started to inject 10 iu's per day to see if these are severely under dosed or just completely bunk

6/03 Blood test taken, fasted, 3 hours post injection - IGF-1: 209, GH: 6.9. My opinion is these are severely under dosed.

6/13 1x kit of new batch arrives. It's not even 260 iu white top kit as I ordered, it was the Grey top 120 iu per kit. So I inject 5 iu's the moment I get it and damn, the CT hits my wrists and forearms hard. Didn't feel this at all when I was using the white tops. I never felt any sides on the white tops, only Grey's

6/15 I email customer support to ship me more of the 12ius to make up for the bunk 260 iu white tops and now they state I just want free product and are scamming them.

6/17 Customer support and I agree that I will test the 12 iu kit at 5 iu's per day and I will return with blood tests. I am very confident that this will show their Grey tops are accurately dosed but their white tops are extremely under dosed.

$$$ has been spent on product and testing. I am not here to ruin reputation but to show evidence to this friendly community.

Please stay tuned.

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Hello sir ..
Iam very confident with our hgh quality , like I told you before, you can't tell our hgh is bad by your bloods work , every ppl can get different effects. Except you , my other customers like our hgh and get good effects! No complaints in many years! Quality is very important in our hgh supply, we test hplc for every batch.
I just uploaded the hplc test report of this batch , every body can check out if interested:

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I always love the canned response" Everybody is different".

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Right? I just got labs today so we will find out shortly

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Brother I appreciate you. I'm here for results just like everyone else but I must know my stuff is pure and clean. I also just ordered 260 iu kits from another source and I will tests those too. All we are looking for is transparency

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Thanks for testing and keeping us informed. I-m so happy

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Stay tuned for the updated tests brother ----

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will do.

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Well documented brother and I hope the greys are better

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Yes I'll definitely let you know how the grey's go. So far I feel the sides