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+ 5 Ongoing HGH Issue with Bloods/Evidence



2/08 I purchased 7 x 260 iu white top kits

2/20 Kits arrive and start 3 iu per day first thing in the morning around 6 am every day

3/01 Get bloods done, fasted, 3 hours post injection- IGF-1: 102, GH: 3.9

3/10 I reach out to customer support and they stated to inject 5 iu's every day for at least two weeks, which I end up doing for almost two months

4/30 Blood test taken, fasted, 3 hours post injection - IGF-1: 138 GH: 3.1

5/04 I reach back out to customer support and they said they will send a new batch to try and if I like it they will send more of new batch. If I didn't like it, they would reimburse me for testing and kits.

5/19 I started to inject 10 iu's per day to see if these are severely under dosed or just completely bunk

6/03 Blood test taken, fasted, 3 hours post injection - IGF-1: 209, GH: 6.9. My opinion is these are severely under dosed.

6/13 1x kit of new batch arrives. It's not even 260 iu white top kit as I ordered, it was the Grey top 120 iu per kit. So I inject 5 iu's the moment I get it and damn, the CT hits my wrists and forearms hard. Didn't feel this at all when I was using the white tops. I never felt any sides on the white tops, only Grey's

6/15 I email customer support to ship me more of the 12ius to make up for the bunk 260 iu white tops and now they state I just want free product and are scamming them.

6/17 Customer support and I agree that I will test the 12 iu kit at 5 iu's per day and I will return with blood tests. I am very confident that this will show their Grey tops are accurately dosed but their white tops are extremely under dosed.

$$$ has been spent on product and testing. I am not here to ruin reputation but to show evidence to this friendly community.

Please stay tuned.

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Hello sir ..
Iam very confident with our hgh quality , like I told you before, you can't tell our hgh is bad by your bloods work , every ppl can get different effects. Except you , my other customers like our hgh and get good effects! No complaints in many years! Quality is very important in our hgh supply, we test hplc for every batch.
I just uploaded the hplc test report of this batch , every body can check out if interested:

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I always love the canned response" Everybody is different".

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Right? I just got labs today so we will find out shortly

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Honestly of all these gh arcs just took the time to test each batch they get they would be streaming with business and selling out of kits left and right.... All they have to do is test each batch it's not a huge thing to do they make enough money to test each new batch , it's not like the src is just getting a CPL kits and they hundreds and they should be testing every batch to show quailty is being kept up to standard , then they wouldn't have to accuse customers of scamming, which I know it not, no scammer is gunna spend that amount in blood test just to get a CPL kits for free... A big part of this might be just from then not storing them in the fridge in the right temp.... Either way great job for testing brother.... I know they tested there older older batch of 260iu kits which came back good but this was awhile ago... And I got mine for a different src when I run it I'll make sure to get bloods done for sure

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Brother I appreciate you. I'm here for results just like everyone else but I must know my stuff is pure and clean. I also just ordered 260 iu kits from another source and I will tests those too. All we are looking for is transparency

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I think I know who ur talking about with the other kits and I believe they were actually just recently tested by another customer on another forum they came out somewhat decent legit gh had the right amount of ius and purity was decent actually it might not be the same... Ill hit u up in pm

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Thanks for testing and keeping us informed. I-m so happy

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Stay tuned for the updated tests brother ----

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will do.

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Well documented brother and I hope the greys are better

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Yes I'll definitely let you know how the grey's go. So far I feel the sides