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+ 7 nice pharma order


Three business days TA from overseas. Everything looks legit, was skeptical ordering from here at first but everyone who ordered put a good word in so I pulled the trigger on some geno pens, clen, metformin (if needed). I will 100% leave a review once I use these products as I have a good feeling about this company.

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nice order from RFS

In a promo × 1
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Always wanted to try those pens. Let me know how they are

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These guys are hands down the best in the bizz. That's why I stick to eroids, I found these guys on another bourd and they were so brutal on this company. False claims. False shipping times.
I'm glad I saw these remarks after I made my order

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How do those boxes and pens look?

Seem authentic?

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couldn’t seem any more authentic. i’ve been running serostim so i’ll be able to compare it to that

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Have you seen fakes in person like the boxs and pens so you know what to look for?

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not for Genotropin

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Makwa knows what to look for I was jw bc these guys have amazing prices but I’m always to worried to place an order bc of it lol.

He says his order check out when the first put up a promo.

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This is exactly what I always think. Prices are too damn good to be true. Hahahaha. Need someone testing the products, people here just post the order, but no lab tests.

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See you know what I’m saying bro I just don’t wanna seem like I’m throwing shade at anyone I just want legit proof bc I’d by a a lot if they are legit man! It’s like the same price per iu for cheap generics which just doesn’t make sense….

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i spoke to makwa personally, don’t think he said anything in regards to being worried theyre fake. they look incredibly authentic. like i said i have a good feeling about this company

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Nahh I was never getting at i think they are fake bro just asking if they seemed authentic due to the price.

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That's a beautiful picture!! Love the geno pens