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+ 2 My Roid shop promo


Got in on This PROMO too! I had to I mean they be having some good stuff plus stuff I haven’t tried yet … I know I know I know “Sosa you’re in a lot of promos” … After years of spending thousands why tf not!?! N I’m only in 2 relax lol…. I get offered promos all the time after being such a loyal

Had to try out this Roid plus brand n see if it’s any good ….

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I got some of that proviron coming from them.!!! I used some Roidplus products for the first time and they all seemed good.

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Ima lab rat wen it comes to this game …

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That's alot of stuff for a promo. Nice score.

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MYR don’t play around the best prices

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Damn in ALOT of promos lol. Just messing with you man. Yea you're a proven dude that at least helps the community. This promo looks good

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Just some stocking stuffers lol ….

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