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+ 17 Back Progress! From yours truly


I know this is an AAS forum, but i dont like to really to promote the use .... I go for more of the diet , rest/recovery, gym.

I want to thank Everyone from the community who's help me along the way most importantly the guys that look out for your health ! ... For all the new guys here, feel free to create a post for the forum and have some of the well seasoned Vets look out for you .... No ones being a "dick" they're just trying to keep you from making the mistakes they or someone else they know once did ... U gotta remember, a lot of these guys have been doin this longer than most of us been living whether naturally or enhanced.

I believe the most important thing to help me further my physique was my diet ... Dialing it in understanding the knowledge of intakes and what certain foods carry ....

Secondly but just as important rest and recovery. . . i changed my gym routine to every other day which gives my body a fulltime recovery for its off day ... And i also take naps. . .

Thirdly the gym, i would focus more on compound movements for maximum effective growth ... I slowed my range of motion down to a Nick Walker's pace which really helped me a lot .... If the weight was too heavy when i slowed it down i would go lighter but eventually with that slow range came more strength

As far as my Cycle goes .... Ummm the only advice i can give is go for what u want to achieve not everyone is trying to get huge ..... Being big is not the " healthiest" i would say .... I do plan on downsizing in the few years to come ....

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Wide as a 87 Chevy caprice

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Ayeee big body American muscle lol

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Thanks rusty lol

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You put on some size bud!!!

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Thanks i needed to lol

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Sound Advice!! Years before I turned to the dark side I made a strong run at natural body building. Never made it to the stage but I absolutely killed a 90 day prep. I was 20 years old at the time and started at 200 lbs, 20ish % body fat. Got down to 182 lbs absolutely shredded. Food, training, rest and a strong mind will get you much farther than drugs drugs drugs!! +1

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I agree!

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Nice work and great advice. Thanks Bro.

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Big back baby!

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Mr.thiccc shit soon ull be like Regan Grimes and be able to pinch/grab and hold a pen with ur back lol delts looking better also, clearly put some good size on . Gunna look much better when u go to peel bf down

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Thanks Pounds! Yea ive had enough of the size Game its time to dial it in Ab pics coming soon

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U look great my brother fuckin huge. +

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Thanks man! Just tryna keep up with the rest of yall!!!

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Preach brother Sosa! Good progression gonna have to widen your door frames.

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Lol good one ... Walking through em sideways makes me feel good

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Back like a shield!!!! Sick brother

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Thanks man redbull never gave wings but the Eroids community and advice help me develop some lol

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Good job! Definite improvement in back width and rear delts +

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Yes i got deltoids!!!!! B4 i they werent there ..... We gettin there diesel lol

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Delts have gone up a few levels there dude, awesome progress well done +1

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Thanks the delts were one of the things i really were focusing on .... Rounding them off.... I appreciate you noticing!

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Looking FUCKING HUGE! I love naps and sleep atleast 8hrs a night. The body is an amazing thing, take care of it, it's the only one you got.

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Thanks Man ! The main goal is to bring out the vascularity that you got ..... I see you my guy!

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Great post my guy, solid advice and perspective. Plus your back is looking huge bro. +1

I really like how slow and controlled nick walker trains. I too have been trying to slow things down snd get that mind/muscle connection going.

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That guy is both huge and strong! However you can just tell he's on an absolute boat load of gear, I'd say double that of what I class as a heavy cycle Lol

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Thanks man ... Ive been working hard...... And yea slowing it down let me grow a bit

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Good progress good attitude...+1.
Keep sharin the knowledge cuz

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Thanks man, im trying. . . and i will keep sharing

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I see a lot of progress bro

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Thanks Shred definitely means a lot coming from you.... Front pics in a few weeks!

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Excellent work! And a great write up to go along with it. Good diet good rest and a good workout. That's how to make gainz. Your post conveys this perfectly.

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Thanks Jay .... Im just trying to spread the good information i got from others on here .... I wouldnt look like this if the people in the community wasnt giving out good advice

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Hey Sosa great work brother.! Wide and thick
Hard work pays off!

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Thanks Man just doin what i can i learn from the ones that been here for a while like you!

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your welcome big bro!! hope to thicken up like that soon.

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+2 big guy. Be glad you don't live where I do, was a little windy today. Someone would've made a youtube video when those wings caught air and Mary Poppinsed you down the street lol

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Appreciate all the love .... I'd probably fly like a kite lol .... Thanks for all you do around here on the forums really appreciate it ! Thanks for the love as well!