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181cm, 102kg

I want to share how i look in 2022. All photos are from last 2months.

I did 500mg tst, 200mg tren for 5months.

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Great shape, keep going! top!

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Thank you very much. I do my best and i try to have low - medium dosages, no orals (sometimes a bit of stan only)

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That's a GQ Bod right there
Great Athletic Physique:)!!

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Solid! Thanks for the credit. Great pics.

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solid results bro

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Looking lean and trim as fuck bro goodwork!!!

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Last pix say you just ended a 4mo cycle....the above date then says that 4mo cycle went right into this 5 months of tren. Why? 9mo is nutty like squirrel turds

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I did blast and cruise. So i had the therapy dosage of test for a while, i did HCG and after about 2months i went back to the cycle. Now i have PCT and i will be off for at least half of the year, maybe more because of a lot of work i have now. But im coming back for sure.

Thank you for comment

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Wow you look great!

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I can go with testosterone that long, just not tren. Good job!

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Thank you guys.

Im very mentally stable, im phlegmatic, but of course i see some changes in my mood, but nothing really special.

I use kratom a lot for better mood and as a preworkout (its very popular in my country and legal), but thats basically it... im just horny often, but i dont take it as a negative, lol.

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Looking great bro

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And I like the tattoos too! #nohomo

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Holy fuck, bro u got huge in the last photo. That's impressive ammount of muscle you're carrying on those arms. Just for my curiosity, how do you handle such long cycle, mentally? I personally can not go over Three months blasting...