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Got some Pip from the Sus but wasn’t too bad. Heard from others that I could hear it a little and wouldn’t be so bad. I love the NPP. It came a little crashed but heated it & now it is crystal clear.

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Yo - do you know what carrier oil is in that NPP?

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I don’t, I’m still new to some of this. Anyway to know what kind of carrier oil is in it??

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Ya buddy! High mg sust.

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You prefer it over single ester???

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I love crashed gear.

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Your nasty lol

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OSgear is AWESOME!!! Ihave used Ultima in the past and I can say it was some of the best products on the market. They work very well and they are clean and smooth. I used the Masteron Enanthate and the Testosterone Enanthate and loved both.

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I tried the NPP on my last cycle and absolutely loved it. Felt like I had finally got ahold of some Top notch gear. Had great results in just 10 weeks of running it. I had to come back for some more.

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Look sweet, awesome for all people who need high dose or middle dose or TRT dose, but i think the pip must be elevated.
But today i think about the solvant used for this dose (some impact the transaminases).
+1 and enjoy your cycle (i love sustanon with NPP it's awesome combo)

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Thanks, and yeah I’ve only used once so far. Definitely wasnt the most pleasant as far as PIP goes. Just sore for a few days.

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Yes, next time try on the gluteus maximus and maybe cute your test with NPP and not Sustanon + Cyp to see if your react better.

Try to inject very slowly, for the gluteus M try to use a needle like 07x40mm for deep IM that's help too.

Enjoy your cycle one of my favorite for gain, but i'm always on recovery so maybe next winter for me (if all is well) i plan the same as you Sustanon + Nandro :-D

Take Care and Be Safe my friend (^_^)

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Thanks man. I will definitely try that. Hope you recover soon! Keep making those gains.

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Your welcome ! Enjoy your cycle ! And thanks ;-D

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Have you ever tried the Sustanon 500mg? Is the pip bad?

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It definitely had me sore for a few days but nothing I couldn’t handle. But I also gave it to myself in the delt. Going to try the glutes next time.

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Just chalk it up, any version of high mg test will bring a bite, especially Sust.

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I took my first shot of it last week in the Delt muscle. I only did half a Cc which was 250mg. I also mixed 1/2 a Cc of Test Cyp 200. So 350mg Total. 1cc. I would say I definitely had some PIP from it. But also wasn’t the worst I had ever had. It was sore for about 3 days, was a little red and puffy feeling. Haven’t tried it in a bigger muscle like the glutes but will definitely update you as soon as I do.