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Lab Results


(FROM PREVIOUS CYCLE) Test levels were the highest they have ever been. Stuff is legit. Doctors office wasn’t too happy about that. I was taking Test E 150mg 2 times per week the entire 16 weeks. Primo E 100mg 2 times per week for first 10 weeks. Test C 100mg twice per week (along with Test E) for the last 10 weeks. NPP 150mg twice per week for the last 10 weeks.

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Just curious why you would take Test E and C together? Just take one or the other. If you are ordering from OSgear, you don't have to double up and worry that the gear is not going to work or be bad. OSgear has the BEST stuff and it is 100% legit. Why was the dr upset? Are you also getting TRT from them? It's odd bc most Dr's don't take your testosterone numbers in a blood test. They usually do a CBC and call it a day unless you have other problems that need to be tested for. Also what is your age? Personally I LOVE those numbers. Keep those numbers up brother. You don't want ro have low numbers and be told you have rookie number and that you got to get those numbers up, lol. KEEP KICKIN ASS and PUTTIN' IN THE WORK!!!

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Thanks man! I truly appreciate it. I’m 30 and yes, I have been on TRT for the last 2 years or so. I’m new to all this and have a lot to learn from guys like you. I started getting blood work done to establish a baseline before I started running any gear. My test levels when I first started were right at 300. You wouldn’t consider my levels from the blood work I posted to high for a blast?? Thanks for the advice! I will definitely make the adjustments. Yeah Osgear seems like they are definitely a good place.

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Why are you posting bloods from a year and a half ago?

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I posted it with intentions of putting most recent with it too. Still new to this. I’ll edit post. At the time they were only doing my blood work every 6 months. Also I only just recently made this account. It was from a cycle that I ran from a source here. Is that not allowed or something??

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Need to give us a little context here. Could be good, could be bad. Compound, dosage, how long on cycle, time after pin when bloods drawn, etc, etc.

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Sorry man, I’m new to all of this. I updated the post with as much information as possible for context. Hope that helps. I had my bloodwork done towards the end of the cycle when my levels were going to be at their worst to see the effects it would have on my levels.

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Hey brother you might want to black out important info at the top

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Thanks man, I’m still new to all this.