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Gear Drop

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This is a fun way to do this charity& promotion from this source. I respect the time and thought that went into this. Very interesting and fun for everyone, even the one who are not involved. Big shout out to and all the time, effort and thoughts that went into this.
Wonderful idea,& especially for the adult men and women involved. Oops, I didn’t mean to “ gender” it. Lmfao
But that’s another topic for another

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I would like to invite you to join me at the factory gates on 15th of jan 2022

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I'll be there, and I'll post the link to my invitation in your thread shortly.

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Hell ya nice

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Congrats on the ticket find! Now we just need your sponsor to show!

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Done and done...
Thanks for the entertainment.

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Nice fun promo ! Shame that wonka does not ship choclate bars overseas Biggrin

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Hm all these new members are hitting that’s pretty cool.

And another one!

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Now who's the skinny kid who bust the last few dollars from his parents and grandparents to buy gear and a choclate bar win the last golden ticket lool

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That's Charlie, we're still looking for him ;)

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This by far is the coolest promo I’ve seen!

Major karma for being interactive with the community in such a genius way.

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Nice. Congrats

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Nice score!