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Magnus Magnyl 5000 (HCG) pregnancy test


I test my Magnyl 5000 with a pregnancy test. It was reconstitued with 1 ml bacteriostatic water. I injected 0.05 ml (250 UI) in the test and push it with 0.5 ml of destilled water. The test line color is not strong, could it be underdosified?

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The Magnus HCG has over 7000 IUs, You tested wrong, you've to mix 1000IU's with at least 2cc bac water , so that the stripe is wet enough, or do a woman pees 0.05ml?

Do it again and you'll see 2nd stripe is dark too

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Next time I'll try that way. How did you know the concentration? Anyway, I pushed it with 0.5 ml of water and it was enough to reach the control strip.

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250iu is a very small amount, usually people will test it with 1000iu I believe. Also in my experience it doesn’t matter how faint the line is.. she’ll still be pregnant.

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According to the test specifications, it is very sensitive: 25 IU/L. I believe the issue is the media conditions, as human urine has different pH and ionic strength than bac water. Next time I'll mix 250 IU with 1 ml of urine and test that mix.
And you're right: it doesn't matter how faint the line is, there's hCG in there. The only actual way to know the concentration is HPLC.

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I commend your attitude