Liver Protection


Any opinions?
Read some good reviews on this, however I’m aware I over spent looking at some of the ingredients.

Will be getting Revive Liver as back up in case it’s a dud on the ALT/AST bloodwork.

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Shit u want my opinion!... Looks like a cpl of old school 40oz's sitting by the pool... Talkin bout liver protocol, it's all OE's from this OG..

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Gonna give ya a hint buddy, you're pretty solid, I like ya, lol. Running certain compounds, your liver enzymes are going to go up. A hard workout before your blood draw will make your enzymes elevate. Tests are an important reference, but be concerned more for liver health than enzyme levels. I know this may sound crazy, but hear me out. Let's say you're on vacation for 2 weeks and you're at the bar drinking extra dirty martinis, the mornings after you feel bad and take 2 Tylenol. You feel great in less than an hour. Compare that to 50-100mg anadrol daily for 2 weeks. Both will reflect (give or take, we're individuals) an increase in liver enzymes. Now think stress vs damage. The anadrol, and dare I say it trenbolone if that's your cup of tea, will stress the liver. Enzymes will rise, bile ducts are restricted, etc. Now the alcohol and Tylenol? Liver toxic, period. Not stress, damage. Support is great and highly recommend, you'd be foolish not to supplement, but keep in mind these tests reflect enzyme levels not damage. Those are different tests. Keep up on the protection, but use common sense as well. I dated an alcoholic whose levels were in the 400s, she was on the transplant list. Talked to her some months back, no transplant, no booze, numbers continue to come down and she's going to be ok sans anything unforseen. Common sense. Best wishes buddy.

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Thanks for your time man! Much appreciated!

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Anytime buddy, neither one of us are going anywhere lol

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Keep in mind too Molin, you can stress/damage your liver by your diet too. I ate myself into NAFLD from years of shitty eating. The visceral fat starts to clog your liver and shit starts hitting the fan. NAFLD(non alcoholic fatty liver syndrome) can cause cirrhosis too. My ast/alt were well into the hundreds for years. I changed all that and reversed my course about 8 years ago.

I have no experience with anything or than 350mg of milk thistle. I do take 4g of fish oil and like to keep my tryclicerides under 75, basically not to add any additional stress from my aas use. Keep in mind, I dont use orals and my aas use is pretty tame( no tren).

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Exactly, it's not hard to figure out. Common sense bro.