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Running 12 weeks Test 250e -400mg/week w/ anavar finisher
Not a cut but a clean bulk for training vids and savage race in August. Low dose anavar at 25mg starting week 4.

500 cal per meal (not including whey)
Protein 55g
Carb 25g
Fat 15g

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bf is not 15%...maybe more 18\20

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I’m excited to see your post pics! You have a great base to get some great results from this cycle. FYI keep an AI close by. Test E makes my nipples puff up. But enjoy bro.

And I don’t know if you’ve ever used Var but 25mg will give little to no results. But please don’t change if that is a comfortable dose for you. I’m running var at 50mg a day.

+1 for the pic

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Thanks, I got aromasin on deck for 4 week bloods, adex tore me up last winter. Definitely going to bump up var and I gotta get more cuz it’s gunna be a b**** split half tabs in half with 25 mg to evenly dose throughout the day and I didn’t get enough var lite to mix with pro to make it 8 weeks. Combos I have for even dose get me to like 6 weeks and 3 days with increase to 50 mg after 2 weeks at 25 mg

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You got this, good job buddy. We better see some post pics!

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Probably about 4 -5 with 2 shakes

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How many meals a day you gonna do bro?

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At least 2700 cal

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Awesome man!! Excited to see how it goes for you!!