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+ 1 Little bit of gear from PMroids


Got a few things from PMroids. Packages/labels/oil/vial crimps/pressed tab all visually check out nicely. Will have lab results done on the test later this month.

Ordered from: 
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Enjoy bro good labs iv used both never had any negatives from either lab both worked as should.

Its been a while man hope things are good ?

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Yea it has! All is well, I have 3 kids now so been busy haha. Hope things are well with you!

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What’s up u maniac!! Haven’t see u in a long time.
Glad to see u back.
Family 1st by all means.

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Hahaha what’s goin on! Yea man it’s been awhile!

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Nice cutter stack!

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Hope it works out for ya bro. Be interesting to see in light of the recent negative feedback on Pharmaqo. Keep us updated and best to you sir!

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Damn I havnt seen anything (also I havnt looked) about the negative feedback. Well, I’ll find out haha. I’ll put up a review after I go through them.