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  • 163

+ 12 Kings Prop and Tren Ace


1st pic is how I look when I convince myself to cut and drop the bulk weight.


2nd pic - 205lbs

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Great work... don’t focus on weight .... thank you for you sacrifice & service Brother In Arms

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I appreciate it brother. Did you go anywhere? I did 2 in Iraq, ‘09-‘10, ‘11-‘12

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solid bro, appreciate your service to the country as well!

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Thanks Rabbit.

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Don't worry about your weight. You look great. Weight does not matter. How you look is and 90 percent of women like a 6pack and cut body. Good job man

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I bet you’d be shocked how many gay people there are on this board who act like they care about what women think to avoid being judged.

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That honestly never crossed my mind. Being married and loving my female wife makes it hard to think about for me anyway. Thanks alot lol you ruined me with that thought

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I didn’t mean it in a negative way. There’s nothing bad about it. G4P is an unfortunate reality in hardcore bodybuilding circles that no one likes to talk about for reasons that are understandable, but homosexuality as a chosen life choice or identity has no negative connotation for me.

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Haha, no doubt.

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You’re exactly right. Thanks guys.

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Great work mate +1

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Ready for a GQ magazine spread bro! Very impressive +1

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Lol, when I was in the army everybody called me GQ.

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Ripped bro!

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I appreciate it fellas.

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Shredded bro +

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Thanks man

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Thanks guys. Truth be told I was still eating pizza and hamburgers lol. I’ll post a pic tomorrow of how I look bulked, usually 25lbs heavier.

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Looking solid brother