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Kigs 160iu Toptrope kit


The quality has never been an issue with Kig. Long time supplier of legit hGH that has proven track record. You get 160ius per kit so it's not a bad price. I wanted to make sure they are domestic now, as a lot of people think it's still ships international. I can verify that it is in fact 100% domestic...sent Sept. 30th...time sensitive material...but it did take like 2 weeks arrrived Nov. 14th. So this time frame seems long but it was sealed intact and very carefully packed. I'm going to see the difference in the current hGH I'm running with kigs because I know his hGH always treated me right. I know a lot of people go on caps/I used to too because it was the only way we could evaluate certain brown tops/yellow etc. From Kig when he had a few selection...but now it's all the same high quality pharma grade fillers or mixers. These tops are white 10 vials 16iu per vial. I heard before grey's were the norm. The cakes look great/if they do shift or are "stuck" in the middle from shipping...just lay them flat in the fridge and in a day they will be back on the bottom.

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Thank you for posting up the picture bro!

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Nice. 160iu domestic? Hard to beat. 1.67 ml bac water and sounds like a new partner in my refrigerator next to my morning eggs!