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*Delayed hGH kits arrived!!*


So, I understand what concerns people have because I was one of the people that ordered early Dec! And yes, I expected delays with the holidays etc. But, even when I was about to say "refund" or give up, Alex has been in communication with me about shipments, the issues that happened, and when I was still upset, sent out a very detailed message about what polices he would have if for some reason they didn't show by Feb. 10th. He knew they would and right when one dropped from around my time of Dec. 16th, bam landed Jan 31st! These batches are the discounted ones Price decreased for Blue 120$->110$, White 60$->55$
For those who ordered this batch - you will get code with additional disount right after New Year. This was my first order so I'm still waiting to test them as I have other generics but I may add 2ius of whites to the other generics I'm running too! Guys be patient, I've been in situations like this before, and for some reason when I'm like fucxxxkk...bam landed...thanks OneQ hopefully I react well to them!!

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