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Is this Anapolon real?


I have just received three packs of Abdi Ibrahim Anapolon, expiry date April/2021

Looks really legit To me, but I am suspicious of the fact that on the box it says Oksimetolon only, while on older Anapolon I had before it says

Anabolizan, Aplastik ......

first photo below is the new box, second the old I had before

Is it fake or real?

Ordered from: 
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Yes. They are 100% authentic.

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Should have its Mobil code on box. Download the its Mobil app on iTunes to verify it. All Turkish pharma products have it

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Send them to me and I will take them and tell you

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Yes 100000% real

Is new packaging

MR is one of THE BEST , never worie they are great ppl

They never sold bunk



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Is this stuff really good? I’m looking for REALLY good anadrol

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Yes brother

This is THE ANADROL to have

Cant go more than 1 ed

Hulk strength and serious blowing up



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Bought some. Fuck it.

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What do you mean? You mean it was rubbish?

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No I ordered some. Waiting for my tracking number now.

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It's really really really if that's what you're asking. Like REALLY.

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Have faith in the source, MR is solid.

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My first oxy !

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Last time I brought some It didn't do anything. Pharma gear is faked that much I'd rather just go with a trusted ugl

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Was it the same one? It got checked verified on ITs mobile

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Pretty sure abrahim stopped production of this.
But take one a day for a few days and u will have ur answer

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This product is still on their site. So they still make it. Looks like they make a ton of medicine

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I have been looking for my first anadrol run. I want the first time to be the BEST

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I'm pretty sure you'll know very quickly if its real or not, c'mon man...