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  • Carlos Danger   •   Thu, Jul 11th, '19 00:21   •   4 replies, 376 views

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Ironlion is my go to Src for Generic HGH. The dude is always so accommodating and I can’t express how far he goes for my business. He has made shopping with him a very easy decision.
The quality has been very good and the vials are all evenly presented and nice clean right pucks make me feel warm and fuzzy. Each vial in every kit was inspected by me upon arrival and everything is identical. I’ve been running these for a while now and have found zero reason to shop anywhere else.
Quality, price, presentation and Service is all top notch with iron. TA was around 2wks. Packaging is top notch. This could have been dropped off a skyscraper and these vials would not have been damaged.
6x 100iu Orange top Puretropin Kits


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  • ironlion
  • 11 months ago

great, thanks,
enjoy it ,:)

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  • SL
  • 11 months ago

Very nice, never ran hgh before but have heard nothing but good about these :)

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  • Top_Price77
  • 11 months ago

Nice score bro. Good shit. And can't agree more about iron lion, dude goes above and beyond. I'm running the orange tops now and can tell a major difference in just about everything. Was running @ 4iu but the cts got unbearable so I stopped for a few weeks and started back @ 2iu. I will stay here for a while before going up again, but would like to get to 4 or 5 iu a day at some point. I'm just super susceptible to cts for some reason.

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  • ECinfidel
  • 11 months ago

Nice haul man.