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  • stew909   •   Wed, May 15th, '19 05:18   •   3 replies, 469 views

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Thought I'd give these a whirl combined with a bit of winny to finish up a cut...

Lab tests looked good so let's see what's up...

Gonna run 50mg a day for a week or 2 then maybe up to 100 alongside 20mg a day of winny and my 150 a week trt dose.

Diet is around 2700 cals at the mo and going sub 50g on the carbs


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  • House
  • 1 year ago

I'm a little confused. Adrol makes you retain water. It's not dry like winny. Why run both if cutting?

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Well the winny is there as I've a few tabs left. I like to try something different. I don't think I'll retain much water on sub 50 g carbs a day. Guess we'll see what happens

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  • 1 year ago

Edit: nvm thought u had the injectable form