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+ 4 IGF 1 (LC/MS), Testosterone, Total *updated*


4iu Somastim (2iu am/pm) 5 days/week
4iu injected 3.5 hours prior to test

Baseline: 154 ng/ml (also tested through Quest)

150 mg/week: SP Test Cyp.
300 iu/week: SP Gonadotropin

3 Sub-q injects/week (50 mg test, 100 iu hcg)

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Pretty good numbers all things considered. 5days a week split dose of 2iu 2x a day. If you had done 4iu 1x day even with the 5days you would have been low 400's. So again pretty good that you doubled your base line on that split dose. +

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OK, I will try that dosing protocol next test. Thanks for your help.

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Thank you for testing +1

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You're welcome.

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Nice numbers. Somas are always producing good numbers.

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Solid bro, good to see you testing

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Just out of curiosity why the HCG with the Test? Fertility?

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Got it. Keep the sperm being made

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Thank you for the tests brother.

Generally we would recommend to use the GH every day throughout the week for more consistent IGF1 level and optimal anabolic and metabolic effects, but the results speak for themselves !

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You're welcome. Next time I'll try to fit daily pinning before my next test.

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An excellent choice of products! You can never go wrong with SP LABS products.

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Hcg skews the test.... thats its job...