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Humatrope 72 I.U.


Hey Guys/Gals

Just got my order of Humatrope 72 I.U. Payed £250 from a seller with 95% rating here on Eroids. Took about a month to get from the Greece to the UK. Guess they must of used a migrant delivery service so I don't know what temperatures it was exposed to in that time. My question though does this look legit. Read up a fair bit and watched videos and the fakes don't look exactly like this.Tried checking the serial on ITS and I get nothing. For those that have used the proper stuff does this look legit?
The leaflet is nice and thin like bible paper which I read is good, but the braille on the box is really is really thin and difficult to feel.The serials on the box and unit match up. Your input as always is much appreciated

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Does it have that hospital/medicinal smell?'s picture

Thanks, I've read this article but its a few years old now looks like counterfeiters have move on somewhat.

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