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  • street_rider   •   Tue, Jan 7th, '20 13:39   •   3 replies, 697 views

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Did not realize order would be international but was PLEASANTLY surprised at the entire experience. T/A was fast as hell, about 2 weeks and pack was in hand!

Currently sick with a cold, but once I'm done I'll be giving the Var a go! First time taking Anavar so I'm excited!


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  • steckdose0
  • 2 months ago

so how is it?

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Haven't taken the Mast yet but the Anavar seems to be legit. Been running 50-60mg a day. Never ran Var before but my strength is up, muscles are very full, and leaning out nice.

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  • Mr.Raise
  • 3 months ago

Thanks bro enjoy