Growth n sust


1800 ius of Gh
5 sust 350

Ordered from
analdestroyer's picture

Second order in ! More GH on the way !

ugfreak's picture

Awesome brother! Nice gear, thanks for sharing.

dextetherdog's picture

Oh Sh*t, you can start selling yourself now lol
Enjoy man

GizmoDuck's picture

Dolla Dolla Billz Y’all

Greaki's picture

Oh my lord that’s a lotta gh lol nice pick up

Edit: curious to see the quality of gh. Keep us updated if you can! Thx.

baol's picture

1800 ius... Holy shit, this is the order!!

analdestroyer's picture

I have 20 kits on their way !

bundlz's picture

Damm men thats a fooking haul !!!

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