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+ 2 Goroids Promo!!


Got these goodies from the boys at steroidhub. Super fast shipping and customer service. White pills are anadrol and the blue ones were a gift. Super super excited to get started in couple weeks.

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Very nice haul

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Yes sir cant wait. Feel bad for my poor girl she is about to have a ruff few months haha

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Nice order bro!! I like the results Anadrol gives me but the headaches suck. I found that 2 BC powders knock those headaches right out.

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Nice tip. My plan is start with those and the cyp for 4 weeks then cyp and tren for the rest of it. Should be beast of a cycle. Of course I will do some pct as well.

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"beast of a cycle?" Consisting of 10ml test Cyp, 10 ml tren ace, 10ml tren hex, and 50 tabs anadrol? LOL good one

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Thanks bro but I will change just because you don't like it. Im so sorry it upset you this bad.