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i run godtropin almost 4 months, i lose almost all fat on my stomach, abs out. but fortunately , i dont lose any fat on my ass. lol.

since i run gh, i lose all fat, i get lean muscle, im getting good definition, i lose weight,but i look bigger, and i dont lose muscle. even i stop using gh. but with steroid, always lose weight once i stop. so since 3 months, i run only gh, i think i will not use steroid any more.
with gh, i can get the result as i want.

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The lost Kardashian brother!

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really that is with 4 months??i can't wait for bulk orders!

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Is your waist skinny or is your ass massive dude....lol
Good work man and plus one

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its just my waist super skinny bro

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Damn Matt...lol

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u damn 2,bro.lol

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HGH doing wonders, good job sir

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yeah, now i dont take steroid, gh is enough

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look nice, new MOD

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thats good how many ius aare u using a aday mate

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i run 6iu per day, split 3iu am 3iu bedtime
but after several days, i feel the side too strong, so i drop to 4iu sometimes

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Dam Matt looking shredded there bro nice

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Hahahah! I have a bubble that will be the last thing to go as well. Blame my African side of my genes! The ladies love it though.

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bitch love it, hahaha

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All that junk all that junk inside that trunk

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I like to point out to the ladies that "I squat"...

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My father is from africa, lol

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That is a big ass!

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hahaha, thanks MOD

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That's a lot of ass talk from you today... ;-)

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Whoa almost didn't look in on this, though you were going to give us the moon lol. Looking damn good Matt, I can see those abs from the side. +2

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thanks bro. i dont run steroid, only gh, its enough