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+ 6 full labs analysis on godt240 batch 230915


this report is done by SIMEC LABS (www.simec.ch)
labs analysis on one vial from the batch 230915

somatropin : complie, yes
related proteins: 2.2%
related substance: 0.2%
assay: 56IU

explication from SIMEC: the below is the copy of the explication from SIMEC.

Identification: We compares the sample with the Reference standard: "complies" means: the sample is Somatropin, 191AA

Related proteins: There are 2.2% other proteins in the sample, which is a very good value. Pharmacopeia European allows up to 13.0% related proteins

Related substances: 0.2% related substances is also a very good value (Pharma allows up to 6.0 %)

Assay: In the vial are 56.0 IU of Somatropin

it is pharma grade.

Related protein and related substances are impurities, so smaller is better

Purity: There are 2.2%  related proteins and 0.2% other impurities in the sample

Regarding Impurities it complies with Pharma specifications

regarding red welt. Well I am not a medic, so I have no idea about reactions of skin or so. As a chemist I only can say that it is hazardous at all to inject some hormone, especially some growth hormone. Perhaps there is some microbiological contamination, perhaps it is too concentrated (56 IU per vial is very much I think), there can be many things which can have some influence or cause some reactions on the skin.

if u guys have any doubt , feel free to contact SIMEC about the report, thanks guys

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Great job Matt, I really appreciate your services. Keep it up mang Biggrin

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Bump when you sent simech vialbwhat did real eeading come out to?

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well done Matt, keep up the good work!

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Well maybe it's just the fillers or something that u guys use in ur product that others don't that r giving reactions ? IDK but thank u this makes me feel better

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hey guys

1, SIMEC is responsible for the report, its illegal to fake the result.

2, i gave permission to SIMEC, with report N c 37993. feel free to contact SIMEC to check if its real report.

3, all the vials are around 27iu, but the SIMEC sent me report ,it is 56iu, i got shock as well,the source confirmed that the vial is always around 27iu, they couldnt send 56iu per vial, they must lose a lot of money,so i asked the labs to check it again.

4, i send more samples to SIMEC, and i will show the reports as well.

5,reputation is difficult to accumulate ,but easy to lose, we don't sell bunk to lose the reputation.

thanks for your understanding

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Do you have any new information regarding the dosage? Is there now 56 iu in each vial?


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Thanks for sending a sample in for real testing and posting the results Matt. Good to know there's more samples being tested. Lot's of sources test their Oils/Tablets, etc.

Not many GH Sources Lab Test their product. It is appreciated.


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Hey Hail Razor: I saw that there maybe be a possibility that batch 230915 has 54ius per vial? i have the 240 iu kit with the 24iu vials. I am just trying to figure out how many iu's i have been using. I am on my second vial. I did notice that i have a have a small knot or welt at the injection the next day or later the same day.

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I'm guessing it's just a small amount of vials/kits that are dosed that way and not the entire batch.

The red welts could be from elevated Bacterial Endotoxin. Unfortunately SIMEC did not test for that.

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These apply to all of the 230915 batch kits, right matt?

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I was going to buy some of these kits. Thanks guys for saving me the trouble.

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This is all bullshit. I don't know why anyone would continue running this gh after seeing this .

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Glad I'm not the only one who thinks so.

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I will visist the SIMEC labaratory tomorrow in Switzerland and ask them everything about the test report.

Does anyone have specific questions for me to ask them?


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Let's see a pic of the lab and a newspaper

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That would put other guys in better look as I had to double the dose when switching from godtropin to a different one. But on the other hand, if guys were really taking 18iu a day, I think you would feel something is wrong.

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Whoa! I Imagine the guys running vials of this stuff weekly ... Instead of of 10iu , they blasting 28i daily ? Y'all making Rich Piana jealous

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based on hailrazors most current test it looks like it is. thats a lot of gh in one vial

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I find this a bit hard to believe to be honest. But thats simply opinion.

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Why were there 56iu in one vial? Was this a 24iu vial or you purposely sent a 56iu vial? Please explain that part to us a little more clearly.

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It's one vial KAM (56ius) O.O

The high concentration /reaction -welts, etc. would make sense. (Higher residue impurities possibly)

I've got some more results I'll post up soon.
The test shows a quality GH...just a very high concentration per vial.

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Honestly there are only about 5 members I can think of I trust to run a test. Your #1
Cant wait to see

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I don't know brother. How the fuck can a production lab be off by that much? Somebody had to know the actual iu content per vial. It's way overboard imo, I'm actually a little upset over this. I didn't want to run over 4iu a day for a reason, now I find out I'm running 10iu. Where are these super human igf tests then? We have guys that thought they were running 12iu a day but was actually mid 20's. I'm at a loss for words here. Oh well, time for new labels...God560 boxes on the way

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I just tested it.....I'm with you homie. I dunno either. According to SIMEC the testing is accurate. But who knows how many kits/vials have 56IUs. The Quality results seem to be similar (SIMEC / US Lab)
The 2 Vials testing 56IUs had the red welts reaction. So I don't think he ran many vials

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I think the bigger issue here is the source sent this in.

Never mind, I see you sent your own in.

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Just seems that if they 24iu vials are in fact more than double dosed, the IGF numbers would be insane. Even if I was running 6iu daily at that concentration, that would in fact be almost 14iu per day. Thats a pretty significant dose even for generics.

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yes and according to this post it should be pharma quality or better...

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Exactly. Says euro pharma allow up to 13% "other" proteins and this only has 2.2%. Heres what I don't if thats the case, why isn't it licensed? Because they are damn sure saying its pharma grade. But u can bet pharma wouldn't be double the dose per vial. Just saying.

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Yip. I hear ya. I'm even confused @.@ Yours is still out. With these SIMEC results (18mgs per vial)..I'd like to try a different test (LAL).

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X2, I really hope I'm injecting 4iu 2x a day and not closer to 10 2x a day

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I remember him saying they were 26-27iu per vial, maybe double dosed so sample was larger and easier for testing? Can you remember how much somebody said could be utilised at one go by the body, can't find where I saw 6iu (i think)

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yea that's what I would like to know.

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Good question.

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What about batch 081215?

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Just to play devils advocate. Who sent this vial that was tested in?

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A vial expected to have 24iu has 56iu? Then my 8iu injection really is more than 19iu?

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I'm hoping something is lost in translation here. That is beyond dangerous if that's the case

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Isn't it the case only a certain amount can be utilised at one time? Thought it was 6iu. Sure I read it somewhere but no idea where. If anyone knows or can pull up study that would be awesome. Agreed though, I usually assume underdose but luckily been running only 4iu a day until hands stopped tingling, tried upping to 6iu but too much so backed down to 5iu.

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thanks for posting matt

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Hey Matt,
Thanks for posting this.
Quick question - how many different batches have you sold in the past 9 months?

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Thank you! Tried to look up info about 192aa to see how common antibody formations are, but didn't post as I would rather wait until there was more than speculation to comment about. Only thing I found in reported studies was it happened in 0.4% of the people having gh treatment with 192aa. Not saying I thought it was 192aa just that people were speculating. I had pharma gh over 10 years ago and had the same kinda 'red welt' reaction, so expected it with this and found same happened, few welts for a few days and then it stopped. I've got sensitive skin anyway though to be honest and was storing in sub-zero temps until I got a fridge thermometer. Not sure if coincidental but they cleared up once that was resolved. Thanks for doing this though.

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So how many iu's was the bottle labeled? I mean 56 is really high, to the point of saying bullshit.

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yea, i believe the vial sent was 56iu, but that means i've been injecting roughly 7iu a day instead of 3 for the past 5 weeks, with a 276 IGF reading... So I don't think mine were (at least not a vial I hit yet, only been through 5). Will be interested to see the other SIMEC results from this batch. Maybe i'm just super bad at producing IGF...

OR... if given the benefit of the doubt, let's say he poured 2 vials into 1 and sent for testing? he's said before the real iu in the 24's is more like 27... That would at least make sense assuming it's accurately dosed.