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+ 22 GodTropin IGF1/GH Serum


Day 10 Blood Work Taken over 6 Hours after A.M. Injection

IGF1 - 539ng/mL

GH Serum is slightly elevated

IGF1 is the better indicator

Batch No: 010415
Mfg. Date: 01/04/15
Exp. Data: 01/04/17
Purchased June, 5



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Hey hail about that godtropin I Believe after a six iu injection Your GH levels should be around 12 give or take a little bit here or there

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I think that may happen soon. Maybe next week.

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OH. So 'BAN' isn't a good thing then. .)

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I just learned a great deal by looking this over. Thank you!

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SAweeet. Thanks for taking the testing to the next level. Nice numbers on the IGF!!

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that's some good testing there ,great job ,keep up the good work man solid numbers from godtropin,thank you HailRazor and thank you matt

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amazing report man!!!!

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Love u HR !! Thanks brother !!

Matt gh > ALL OTHER


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Thanks for testing!! +1

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+2 Hail. Thanks for all you do

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HR for President

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Cool layout like Darth said thanks for the lesson

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Damn, that is pretty amazing to see laid out like that. +++.

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(OCD maybe) I promised Matt a proper test. Definitely elevated IGF1.

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Great protocols

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Going to try something different next testing. We need a new GH Blood Protocol

I tested only 2 Hours after first SubQ injection just to show that ALL serums (IGF1, GH, IGFBP3, etc.) can be elevated quickly with Exo-GH.

Some Serums are more stable (IGF1 Serum)

Some Serums are not stable (GH Serum) (Over-Elevated GH Serum Scores may not be a positive thing)

In normal plasma the bound fraction for 22K HGH averaged 50.1%. Above a hGH level of about 20ng/mL the bound fraction declines in concentration-dependent manner due to saturation of the binding protein. The complexed (bound) hGH has important implications for metabolism, distribution, and biological activity.

GH Serum 20-40+ ng/mL seems to be a waste after blasting an entire vial for testing GH.

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Nice find HR

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It did elevate nicely in 10 days (10 injections)

I'm going to try for 2 days (2 injections) next time

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What you are doing is invaluable to this community!