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Godtropin HGH, 3 hours after 6 IU IM injection. Batch is from July. Waiting on IGF labs. Great results even when my diet has been shit.

I run at 4 IU a day. This day, however, was the first injection after I had not pinned in a week. It was the last of my initial order and I wanted to make sure I got a blood test in before re-upping.

edit: Corrected my mistake of 5 IU.

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Thanks For the bloods bro! +1

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I noticed the 'sore' spots myself. Pinned a vial or two and began using another source/brand again. I have the "batch" everyone is talking about. Makes me wonder whats up with it

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The Batch No 010415 that I tested (Lab/Blood Work) was purchased June 5. This was before the "inspection" and supply/inventory issues. Not sure if the Batch No means you got the same product that was tested. (Sore injections)

I like this source and the first Batch of this product tested well..... But....the story behind these blood results has some issues, no?

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According from the data gleaned of op's posts below ..

He was running 4iu a day (for an unidentified duration), then took a week off, then pinned 6iu IM 3 hrs prior for the GH serum and I assume igf analysis was included in the panel.

A bit of a wonky protocol ... But if he is reporting his usage accurately ... His numbers seem extremely impressive and his kit used for testing could arguably be overdosed.

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(Not sure if that really means much)

I call bullshit....or maybe more misleading

It seems he's tryn to 'mirror' another blood work posted from one SubQ inject

So he ran all his kits at 4 IUs, or was it 5 or 6....wanted to test before he waited a week and just so happened to save 6ius for the test?

First it was one Batch No
Then another

Also, you can double your IGF1 from one SubQ inject (6ius or an entire vial)

But he has no Baseline to compare

IGF1 337 ng/mL at 4 IUs doesn't mean it's overdosed

The high GH Serum doesn't mean it's overdosed

Again, I like this source....but with the recent low IGF1 results...I think this post is sketchy

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one more thing:
this member post the IGF1 test later. if i make sketchy, i can give him a blood test with IGF1 650, who knows? anyway, u dont need show the name , its very easy to do it.

believe me, if someone wanna play sketchy ,its very easy to post some good labs

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i like u too, bro. u r really amazing guy, u always do some tests without being asked
i swear, i dont have any idea with this guy, i think he just bought it and i sent it as most of the clients, i just saw his post and review, then i asked him a FR, and he just accepted today. u can check it with mod, they can see all FR record
i dont know if this member made a mistake on the dose or not, but i swear, there is nothing to do with me, i never never had deal with this member about this.

since 6 months on eroids, only 1 or 2 igf1 test with normal range, thats nothing, and u dont even know whats the problem from.

i dont need to make sketchy and i dont even ask for a review from the members who got free kit to test before , im honest, i dont have time to play the game. but if u think this, its up to u, its your problem, not mine .
thanks again for all ur blood tests,really appreciate

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Edit: (TMI)

I'll PM ya....:)

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This is a great example of why igf AND serum tests are important. Serum test is crazy high but the igf is what i would expect off that dose. +1 for bloods brother. Thank you

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Serum test is crazy high but the igf is what i would expect off that dose.

This is exactly why a high GH Serum shouldn't be used in reference to Quality, Strength, Potency......or promoted as an "advertisement"

Elevated GH Serum only means you injected a GH Protein. There are many variations

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i could be wrong, but i haven't seen anything in regards to a dosing schedule before the IGF test was performed. All I see is 6iu 3hrs prior to testing for GH serum.

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your absolutely right...I just assumed he was running 6u a day. my bad for assuming....good catch brother. maybe the OP could let us know his dosing schedule and for how long he was running the GH prior to testing....

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Sorry to clarify. I run at 4 IU a day. This day, however, was the first injection after I had not pinned in about a week.

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what was your batch#?

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Attaching. I'm waiting on another batch next week and will test again.

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Holy fuck off 5iu?? How much water did you use to reconstitute with in the vial?

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1ml. Shit, I've got to correct this, it should be 6 IU, forgot these are 12 IU vials. My bad.

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Lol bro even with 6iu ... Those numbers are sky high!! Can't wait to see your igf response

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IGF Attached.

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+1 How long did you run it and what at dosing before igf was tested ?

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only 5iu , u touch 35.5, its remarkable. usually, the clients take the whole vial, they touch 30s.
thanks for sharing, bro

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I know man, amazing results. I just put in an order for 10 kits with you all. The plan is to hopefully get some IGFs up to compare against my baseline and the IGF from some pharma growth that I purchased for comparison purposes.

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Wowzers! Lots of good generic GH right now! Like back when good kigs and hyges flowed like wine! Time to stock up... Year ago there wasn't shit

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