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  • 555

+ 14 GH






Fake JINTROPIN 10iu Green top


Hygetropin (Green top/no label)


Hygene Biopharm


Have not received purity % yet

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Thanks for sharing! Have you the purity %? Excellent results from Angtropin

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Fr sent bro

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Nice work !

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great info Hail!
very curious about purity%

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Sent you a FR big guy. Got a couple of questions for ya if you don't mind.

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Nice work brother ... I'm running the Greys from TP and I'm loving it ... Will be pulling igf soon

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Thanks Kill. Those grey tops could be unlabeled Ansomones (just a guess) Either way.....I hear good things. I'd stay away from anything Hyge. Just my opinion though.

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The greytops he sells now are labeled greytropin pr something.

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Yea...who knows....I don't use em, buy em.....not promoting em. Week to week they could be a different "batch" or "product". Kinda like them Ang's maybe. Lots of legit GH out there at the moment (Legit Pharma-Legit Xhinese Pharma)

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Sent you a fr

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Glad to see u back man, miss those funny as pics u used to post! And of course the good info.

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Seems like lots of legit Pharma and Xhinese Pharma going round also. Good time to stock up.

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I here they are "overdosed" =)

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Nice.....seems legit. I prefer itchy red welts around my SubQ injection site. That's how I know it's good stuff. Love dem Xhinese

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Two sources sell them. They are plain vials (no label) with aqua green Hygetropin "pinwheel" top.

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How did you get on with the yellow tops? I'm waiting for some now.

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Oh really....more for oils, tablets, etc?

I think those yellow top test results are posted by a source.

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So omnis were almost 20iu per vial?

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Labeled 5.8mg/17.4IU per vial
Not sure if it's dosed like that because of possible "degrading" during storing,shipping, or reconstituting maybe? Good question.

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So they're definitely a bit overdosed then huh? Might have to look into those

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Those are from my Pharmacy (GH Script)

I sent those in to compare the results to the Hyge, Ang, etc. (also to see how the lab tested)

The old YOKED used to get these for me also.

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So that angtropin is good huh.. Thats interesting

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I see you are obviously a retread but knock it off with the red font. Makes it look like you are trying a little too hard but at least now you have our attention.

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The only question I have is are we going to have the same problems with you that got you banned last time? I know you enjoy this place but the first time you push a new source you know what is going to happen.

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So who is he??

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LOL. Truth

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Lol! It was an "endearing comment"

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I have no way of confirming it but I bet you did have days like that.

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We are. I forgot you were always typing in red. Generally I only use the red when I am speaking as a mod same goes with the other mods. I would suggest switching to a bold font or something else besides red. Especially since I am being all nice like and not banning you. Although I will of course have to put it up for discussion in the back room just in case..

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I would rather you didn't. It kind of waters down when we actually use it then. If it is an important message or something to that effect I have no problem with it but for normal conversation, again it lessons the effect.

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It's official then....I'm passing the "testing torch". You da man.