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Another GK Touchdown! Roughly 9
days from order to doorstep. Missing from the pic is hcg, Masteron E, and IGF1., which was for a brother but he snagged and ran before I could take the pic. Lol! Ordered 1 IGF1 cause he wanted to try out GK shit. The big guy sent 2 of them. He's a happy dude to say the least. Thanks brother! Pretty sure he'll be back for more lol. The cutter, dhb and Cialis is for me. About to crack one open right now. BTW... Not a speck of air in these things. Couldn't possibly fit any more in the vials. Thanks GK! I'll be back shortly for more.

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Got the same stuff on the way too.
Cutter and more DHB!

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Only the best brother! You already know! Time to get shredded!!!

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Nice to hear the positive feedback.