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  • Edit Giving their tren a try, will it pass

  • Permabulk   •   Mon, Apr 6th, '20 21:47   •   2 replies, 241 views

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Tren is probably my favorite substance to run, usually Ace. I've been using the same source for the past couple years but wanted to try the Tren Hex and MyRoidShop stepped up and sent me a few. They look pretty lethal and I'm excited to put it to use...


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  • Rustyhooker
  • 3 months ago

Several chems there bro.

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Good eye Rusty... lol
The eq is a bonus and the other are more tren and a mix of test and tren. Trying to maintain strength during this lockdown. Built a squat/bench rack out of wood and it's working ok for now. Hope you are holding up ok.