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+ 6 GH serum results of angtropin with IGF-1 results of Godtropin


I was on Godtropin for slightly over 3 weeks (23 days) when I went in to get my IGF-1 numbers. I also have some Angtropin, which I'm going to take once I finish all my kits of GT.

I injected 1 vial, 10iu, of Angtropin SubQ. Approximately 3.5 hours later I got my blood drawn.

My baseline IGF-1 was 218, so 3 weeks of GT rose it to 521. Higher than I even expected.

A couple weeks ago I got my GH serum results from GT, which came back at 11.9. (You can see my previous picture posting of this). The angtropin GH serum results came back at 16.9.

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You should be seeing serum results of at least 25 ng/ ml or more 3hours after pinning 10iu ( unless you have a GH immune reaction from using bunk HGH ) Many other peptides including IGF-1 itself will raise IGF numbers. I have been using HGH for 3 years and would not touch a product that only yielded a result of 11.9.
The fact that this number has dropped since your last test may well be showing you are indeed building up an immune response.

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GH Immune response (protein immunogenicity) wouldn't be seen in a GH Serum test

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how to eliminate gh immune response? like where you are 6-8month constantly on GH every day.. does it help to switch for 5 days on 2 days off or how to prevent immune response thx a lot

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This can happen with PHARMA also......simply monitoring IGF1 levels with blood work is best.....The 5 days on, 2 days off is normally recommended for keeping the pituitary in function (natural GH release) for "anti-aging"

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So really we don't know how the igf was raised more or less to the angs but we do know it raised ur serum 5 points higher then the gt

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The GH Serum and IGF1 are from one test?

So you injected 1 Vial of the AngTropin and also did this test result from the same blood draw?

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I tried to be as clear as I could, but yes it was all from the same test and blood draw. I have a few kits of godtropin that I've been running. I also have several kits of angtropin. I got my IGF-1 tested and I also wanted to run a serum test on the angtropin. So the IGF number is elevated to 521 from 3 weeks of godtropin. Since I was getting my blood drawn, I decided I just wanted to do it once so I injected a vial of angtropin instead of my normal godtropin dose, before the blood draw.

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You were clear. What's your thoughts on the 1 vial of AngTropin effecting the IGF1 results?

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IGF1 521ng/mL result would be a combination of both
GT 11.9ng/mL vs AT 16.9ng/mL....doesn't mean one is better than the other
Some GH Serums have been in the 30+ng/mL
I think we've tried to use these result (numbers) as our own version of a "Mass Spec" test to determine strength or potency.

Using the 521ng/mL result in comparison to an AngTropin result wouldn't be accurate

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my opinion. inject one vial of angtropin, 3.5 hours later, the gh serum was getting the peak, they dont even have time to convert to the IGF1 level, so i dont think one vial of angtropin affect much to the IGF1 level.

he runs 8iu ed for 23 days, baseline is 218,raise to 521, for godtropin, its normal number. we can see many labs, igf1 more than 500s,even 600s after 3 weeks. i run 6iu for 18 days, igf1 was 513

no offense to angtropin, just my opinion on this labs

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My comments are more about the Testing wouldn't be accurate for 'Tripod' to use this IGF1 test to compare to a future IGF1 AngTropin test.

Injecting an entire vial of AngTropin before the IGF1 did effect the result. By how much....we won't know. Example:

There's too much BroScience with the GH Testing Protocol. ESPECIALLY the GH Serum test. IGF1 is used to monitor GH Therapy, not GH Serum. GH Serum levels are unstable vs IGF1 levels. The therapeutic effects of GH are mediated by IGF1, not GH Serum. The metabolic activity of GH will outlast the actual levels in the body.
Elevated GH Serum above 20ng/mL, the biological activity of this GH diminishes. (Endocrinology Study)

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Yes you are correct GH will outlast.

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Aren't these low for serum tests?

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To an extent, yes. But a GH serum test does not gauge potency. It's really only going to tell you if its real or not. The IGF-1 test is a better way to judge how good the GH is. My IGF-1 levels were extremely elevated, so this GH is very good/potent/etc...

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Thanks bro would like to see igf1 on angs as well +1

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How many IUs/d were you running ? what was your pin schedule? Nice numbers but need more info...Are you running any test with your gh?

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8iu/day, might bump it down to 6 because my wrists and ankles are getting fairly stiff. I pin 4iu right when I wake up at about 7am then 4iu around 7 hours later, so lets say 2pm. The second dose can vary from noon to 5pm depending on how busy I am. I don't like to pin it any later than that in the day. I am not running any test with this cycle of GH.

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Monster igf for 3 weeeks

Gh serum mean nothing for me

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Nice! Thanks for doing bloods. Which batch was that from? From the month of May?

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Angtropin batch #: 20150401
Godtropin batch #: 010415

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Thanks bro

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You getting igf on angs?

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probably in another month or so

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yeah, gh value could be affected by many factors, its not so accurate, the IGF1 is much more stable.