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+ 27 Getting ready for beach season


so im 6 weeks into a
Test cyp 250 per week
Mast E 400 per week
Npp 400 per week
Getting to the gym 3 to maybe 4 times aweek. Diet is pretty good so far NO CARDIO yet
Made up my mind to ADD tren A and CARDIO starting june 1st
Maybe anavar or some anadrol pre workout
Please keep in mind im mid 40’s and children already grown 2 in there 20’s and one 18 so im not looking to have anymore. And have been on trt along time.

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Looking good bro

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Looking great man. Let’s hit the beach soon brother.

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Very nice physique! Great dry muscles. I especially like the shoulder ..!

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Looks like your ready

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Lean and full bro looking good, nice tight waist as well

Big plus two from the Beard

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Tha Beach anit ready for ya! Looking like a monster.. + from me. Keep killin it

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God damn son, looking diced! Those 3D delts be poppin off rul nice. Running a similar cycle now, albeit lower doses, and having a nice run. If Tren didn’t fuck with me so hard, I’d add it too. That Mast will will be shining thru soon enough to give you the grainy, alpha look. Enter a Masters physique show, you’d likely do very well.

Lookin solid. Share some post-tren updates when you can. Thanks for sharing +1

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Sounds like a great game plan and you'll be looking INSAAAAANE!

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Looking insane bro! You were sliced in your last photo but I much prefer the fuller denser look in this selfie, that 1-3% + on bf/little extra water makes you look 3D. Keep making those killer improvements my man.

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Looking good brother! Not much left to do in my opinion.+1

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+1 my man. Looking great. If you’re ever really thinking about getting on stage or really for anything at all- hmu

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Thankyou that means alot I appreciate it

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+2 great progress on your shoulders.

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+1 dude. Don’t you love it when your at the beach and you’re feeling good about yourself and are Girls checking you out?

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I love when you make eye contact when there looking at ya. They turn away then one minute later see them looking again. Then they just smile like BUSTED you caught them twice looking

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+2 buddy, looking great! Sun's out guns out!

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Damn bro lookin solid! Delts and traps are nice...congrats on the fruits of your labor!

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Man those underdosed gears are working for you! Lmao. No you really look good. Should quiet down the one and only hater. I'm assuming we'll hear something. keep up the good work. Stay hard.

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Looking damn good!! Good luck with the rest of the cycle

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Yoked af

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Killen it brother

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So your cycle will be
-Test cyp
-mast e
Are you getting ready for a show bud?

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Ive been to local shows. As a spectator
The lights , the music , the kick azz atmosphere
It might be a far fetched thought but DABM it would be aweasome

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Looking Good Pal :-) Impressive

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Thanks press. Kinda excited to be adding some tren to this run and see what happens

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Well damn wanted, I don’t think I had seen a pic of you yet. Solid af for any age let alone mid 40’s

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Thankyou ive been trying & learning and hope to help everyone understand age is a number. And one day when the kids get old enough there will be time to be able to put alittle more focus on yourself.