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Started cycle 3rd week of cycle yesterday
Pictures are from 2 days ago. Im very excited and motivated for this cycle. I reached out to someone with so much knowledge in all aspects of bodybuilding and he has help tweak my diet and natural vitamins. Im grateful and so thankful that people take time out of there busy days to help change others lives, im confident and so motivated to follow and stick to the plan and give my 110% .

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Looking good. After 3rd week its start of real change for me. Enjoy your journey.

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Thanks pumped

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There he goes. Didn't expect to see a young fella like yourself. Nice pic bro.

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Haha i sure feel young for 45& 1/2 years old
I think its the eating healthy and chasing the 10 year younger girlfriend around. She actually had to chip away a layer of rust i had on me that i had aquired from a 23 year marriage lol

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Haha thats funny im 46 and married my wife exactly 10 years younger after worse toxic marriage. Her and working out keep me young. And chasing my 4yr old girl around the yard.

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Brother I'm not that far behind u and my healthy lifestyle and testosterone levels keep me going and looking young. Not 21 anymore but got the testosterone level of twenty one 21year olds combined lol!

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V tapered! Boom!

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Looks like things are going well Good

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Fuck yeah Smile

lean and mean and ready to GROW

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Lets get it !!

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U look amazing so far … can’t wait to see how everything comes along ! Keep up the great work

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Thanks sosa. I appreciate the kind words. Always looking up to you guys for knowledge and motivation