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+ 7 Getting back to health


Been on Test p 60mg ed for about 7 weeks...haven't weighed in but started at around 140lbs after long hospital stay and recovery. Thank God for Test, it has brought back my weight, confidence, ability to get laid (regardless of having to wear leg braces and walking like Frankenstein if he had jack skelingtons legs), and honestly showing me life is gonna be good. It seem to have drastically assist in repairing my range of motion which was 0 due to severe nerve damage. Still have a while to go and a couple things to throw in my cycle, will keep ya posted... I want to thank this community for helping and supporting me along the way, as well as the sources who have made this possible.

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Very Well done mate on the brilliant progress you have made, cannot even begin to imagine the shit you have been through but it shows what positivity and determination can do when you are not willing to be beaten by anything Good Yes 3

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Solid cut! Applause

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Looking great man

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Solid work! Congrats!