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+ 5 Five years back, I was injured and spent 3 years hospitals. Getting back to basics!


Three years in various inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation hospitals after a brain injury. I couldn’t tie my shoes or figure out where I was, much less get to a gym. The profile shot is me at 184 for a sport with weight classes; never could bulk. Funny how laying around impulsive and confused will take you to a bearded ass mofo pushing 250 at 6 ft. Last two years I gradually got my diet and routine closer to before, built discipline from ground up, and started lifting - slowly and irregular at first, but a nice year and I was down to 200 with the mindset to try a couple short ester cycles of all the good stuff. A couple months last nov/dec and a couple months late feb to mid April. Pituitary is damaged so no worry about suppression, just health. I’ve never bulked before. It got me looking bigger but only 215 at the most and now I’m 210 consistently. I might build back natty to 215 and start a long 4-6 months cycle for lean muscle and to get my definition back. I almost died at 28, I’m 34 and just wanna have a last few cycles trying things like Primo at high doses or stacks I’ve never tried. A few of those and it’s back to Rx rHGH and TRT for me; sadly I didn’t get pass my seed on but LH and FSH stayed at 0 and .2 respectively for the first few years. Test was garbage. Igf fluctuated but low enough to warrant rHGH without ITT because of my seizure risk and pan-hypopituitarianism.

What’s your impression guys? Any advice?

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Great shape. Your dedication and perseverance show. Crop your face out though to be safe