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+ 15 First proper cut done - 8 weeks finished


Hi guys, bit nervous posting this as I’ve never uploaded a self shot before lol, but would appreciate your comments/feedback.

I’ve just finished a 8 week cutter consisting of test prop and tren ace 50mg eod, DP winstrol 50mg a day and proviron 50mg a day. I dropped 21lbs in the 8 weeks which i really couldn’t believe or be more happy with. I was going to run it 10 weeks initially but I found 8 weeks to be more than enough. Diet was tight and cardio was 45 mins of high intensity incline walking 5x a week.

Lean bulk will commence in a few weeks which will probably be test e or Cyp, primo and turinabol and finally the food intake can be a lot higher!

Cheers lads

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Good job n nice ink +1

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Great job. I also enjoy your posts.

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On your way; nice work!

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Good job. next cut you should introduce mast P to your plan as icing on the cake.....
Good job tho — cant wait to see you hit the rest of your goals

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Good cut bro! +1 Btw cool AF tatoos.

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Great job, what did the diet look like? +1

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Thanks all for the kind words, appreciate it lads. Faz, here was my diet below

M1- 2 whole eggs / 1 scoop whey (30g) /100g oats (dry weight) / 2 slices toast

M2 - 125g cooked weight skinless chicken breast / 50-100g green veg or green salad / 1 banana

M3 - 125g cooked weight skinless chicken breast / 50-100g green veg or green salad / 250g cooked weight white basmati rice

M4- 150g cooked weight LEAN steak / 50- 100g green veg or salad / 1 banana

M5:- 1 x protein yogurt ( arla or kvaarg) / 150 calorie "treat" of your choice

On a Saturday I would remove 2 meals and have a cheat meal. That would always be a chinese to keep me sane lol!

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Nice mate, haven’t heard much about protein yoghurt, will have a look into it.

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Good work Slugger, looking good mate

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Nice! +1

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Well done bro +1

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Nice job on the cut 21lbs in 8 weeks is a good cutter! +2 and as fusebox said below, time on = time off man don’t need a coach to tell you that, all about longevity

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Looking decent bro and the art work is sick

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Good job bro

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Just finished an 8 week run with tren and are starting another In few weeks?

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Hi fusebox, appreciate the question, should have been a bit clearer in my post. Currently on PCT atm, Pct (4 days after last test prop shot which was last Sunday -
Clomid 100/50/50/50
Nolvadex 40/40/20/20

Will check in with my coach one PCT has ended, don’t expect and know I won’t be jumping straight back on, everything will be under his guidance.


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Weeks on plus pct should be time off. Be safe. ++

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Absolutely. Thanks bro appreciate the lookout