+ 1 First Cycle Sust 250


I ordered a cycle to help with concrete work. These are the results with no gym only hard physical labor.
Need to prove to other members i'm real and not a troll on my first post. SMH

Ordered from
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Still waiting for the current pic bro?

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First. I think its great to have a mans man with a real job..
Nothing is given — all is earned. Get it bro
Pack those lunches Goodluck
Looks pretty solid to me. Some of these pretty guys couldnt handle a day on the jobsite..

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Bro I've seen tennis players use steroids. I'm not at all surprised that you'd want to run a light cycle doing concrete work.
It's atypical from what we see here, but I know there are SEVERAL members here who look like dog shit.
Not everyone here is a bodybuilder or powerlifter.
I respect the decision by an educated grown man to use steroids, as long as you acknowledge that you are playing with your health and longevity.

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I’m blown away by this post!

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