+ 5 Finishing up from test E and Primo.


I am just finishing up running some test E from dragon pharma, and some Primo from pharmacom. Also ran arimidex rod 1mg. The dosages I ran them at were test E 500mg week. And primo at 800mg week.Sometimes a little less because you can only fit 200mg in a 3cc pin along with 1ml of test) . And I would forget sometimes to throw it in again during the week by itself, I’m currently sitting at 266. My height is 6’3-6’4. I am happy with my results. I was a lot more %body fat before cycle . I notices a lot with primo. I only saw results when my diet was perfect and I was doing a lot of cardio. Just wants to share some pic and my cycle with everyone. I will be doing my pct for a month. Of Teremfine, and hcg, also have nolva on hand.

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Keep it up bro, burn 20lbs of fat away you’d look insane with your heigh and build. Keep us updated

Sick ass art work brother!

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Thanks. That’s the goal.

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I running 800 primo too and your right about diet and cardio plus you have to have patience with it as the gains take a lil more time.

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Yea 100%. If I was able to tolerate the side effects , which I can’t, I would say like Tren is the better thing to cycle, but since I can’t handle side effects of anything well , I just chose primo. It’s so damn expensive too. Sucks

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Wow I ran tren last cycle and made good results but I was just unhappy during the cycle. Primo has me feeling so good. Also sick tats bro. Its good to see another bodybuilder tatted up.

FR sent

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You’ve got some competition for most badass tattooed bodybuilder on here now mate, better up those calories!

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Serious, bro is huge for sure, plus has some sick ink. Your back is dope though too. I have some on my left leg though that I think will take the prize. Ima post pics of me and my left leg when I'm close to the end of my cycle. The funny thing is we are running similar cycles with primo being the main compound.

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You’re a big motherfucker. Aside from that you’re right about primo, you gotta execute properly on the diet and cardio to see the true benefit of it

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Thanks man. Apreciate it

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+1 good size brother

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Thank you