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+ 2 EXOS: Exemestane from Pharmacom Labs


EXOS: Exemestane from Pharmacom Labs

Analytic testing performed by Janoshik.

1. Qualitative analysis: the sample contains the active ingredient Exemestane.
2. Quantitative analysis showed the content of active ingredient: 24.93 mg.

Analysis conducted: 05 January 2024

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Thanks for sharing this here. I use this product regularly. I think it is most effective PCT there is.

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Its not for pct. First 2 weeks sure at low dose to keep estrogen down and stop a negative feedback loop from halting recovery. But after that your natural levels are needed.

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The guy has no clue what he's talking about/doing. Using aromasin as pct is prob the worst thing you could do...

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Man I've heard of guys doing that. It's strange to me. You don't want to do that for a full pct cycle. Just my thoughts

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If you need that during pct you are doing something wrong...

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First two weeks if coming off a cycle where estro is high...sure! But theres good forums cited by doctors in the pct section that are better than me explaining.

This ones pretty straightforward. Cited.

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This doesn't make sense because PCT starts only when all exo test is gone. At that point there is no way estro can be high enough to warrant the use of aromasin. And how high can your estro be if you kept it in check during your cycle?

Estrogen should be a non yeah no aromasin ever during pct.

I see a pct with 25mg ed, thats absolutelty ridiculous.

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Please remember, this information is based on my personal experience and does not promote illegal steroid use. Always consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

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Aromasin (exemestan) is not for pct...

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"exemestane is a perfect drug for post-cycle therapy." according to Basic website.

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Yeah but its not...